Healing Ourselves with Our Cells

By: Dr. Michael Cantor of Denver Regenerative Medicine

Cells are the basic unit of all life on Earth. It’s the first concept found inside the first chapter of every biology textbook you could find. From a single microbe all the way up to an organism as complex as a human being, our cells literally make us what we are. Our own bodies are a testament to the power of cellular harmony, in so very many incredible ways.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself being comprised of trillions and trillions of tiny microscopic individual living cells, each cell with its own purpose and function. These cells are constantly working together as a multitude of units to keep your legs walking, your heart beating, and your mind thinking. This cellular harmony serves us well, but often within our lifetime this harmony is disrupted, leaving us in pain and unable to live our lives the way we want to.  I think it is stating the obvious to say that our medical system to date has had a terrible track record on treating the pain we suffer from as our joints, ligaments, and tendons age. From anti-inflammatory and opiate medications to cortisone injections, we rely on Band-Aids to mask our pain while allowing the process of chronic degeneration to run rampant, resulting in even worse debilitating pain.

As we live longer and accumulate more of the wear and tear associated with living life, we need actual solutions for pain and degeneration…we need to heal ourselves. I’m here to tell you that the only thing on this planet that has ever had the potential to heal your body is (wait for it) your body, of course! More specifically, your cells are the only tool you ever needed to cure your pain through true healing and regeneration. If you are reading this blog entry, you are likely drawn to this simple concept just as I was. We seek simplicity these days in any way we can find it, and nothing could be more organic, all natural, and locally sourced as your very own healing cells. The science behind regenerative medicine is just as rock solid as the safety, supported by more research than ever before. More importantly, regenerative medicine finally gives us the solution to heal and cure our chronic musculoskeletal problems by utilizing the very cells we are made up of to restore our body’s harmony.

I have been so very blessed to be a part of Denver Regenerative Medicine, having successfully helped hundreds of patients over thousands of procedures to regain the function and quality of life that we all need to enjoy life to its fullest extent. In the weeks to come, I aim to share the lessons I’ve learned along my own journey into this exciting frontier of medicine through the powerful stories of our patients’ astounding outcomes and the profound impact it made on their quality of life. Our patients’ stories fill me with so much hope every day, and that hope deserves to be shared for the sake of yourself and your loved ones.

Seeking out hope through healing and regeneration always has and always will come back down to your cells, your body’s basic unit of life, healing, and harmony.