Healing Pain With Your Cells

By: Dr. Michael Cantor of Denver Regenerative Medicine

All of us have experienced physical pain at some point in our lives.

The frustration we feel when pain begins to rob us of our function is unbearable. This is with good reason, of course. Pain hinders our lives and forces us to give up our passions. We loved to ski or climb but had to give it up because of pain. Often pain can become limiting enough that we can eventually struggle to walk a few blocks, let alone just few aisles at the supermarket. The scariest fear we all subconsciously share is that one day pain might rob us of our independence to take care of ourselves and live independently. Nobody expects to finally hit a well-deserved retirement and suddenly become denied our athleticism, let alone our mobility. None of this is acceptable in any way, and yet many of us are forced to accept our pain and just deal with it.

Nobody wants a knee replacement any more than they would want an opioid dependence. But seemingly, there are few other options available to treat pain. Our cells provide us with the answer and solution to the problem of pain. In fact, those very cells are the only thing ever proven to heal your pain rather than temporarily masking it away. Think of your cells as the only brick and mortar available to us for rebuilding and regenerating new tissue at the very foundation of our body. Pain is a cellular-level problem, microscopic in nature. So how could we ever solve a microscopic problem like pain with big world solutions like surgery or drugs? Pain requires healing, or else we end up stuck in a chronic cycle of misery. Stem cell therapies give us a second chance at healing, and a new lease on life. When pain is healed, our limitations go away, our function improves along with our precious quality of life.

Never live with pain, the solution lies within your own body’s cells, as it always has!